CWP Renewables’ Capabilities and Achievements

Award-Winning Projects

The award-winning Boco Rock Wind Farm project by CWP Renewables

Industry Leading Projects

Winner of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Community Engagement Award of 2014 and the Asia-Pacific Wind Deal of the Year 2013 by Project Finance Magazine.

Planning Expertise

Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Project Development and Delivery Team

Over 2.4 GW of Approvals in Australia

The CWP Renewables team has delivered over 2.4 GW of planning approvals in Australia and continues to take a leading role in industry best practices.

Asia-Pacific Wind Deal of the Year 2013

CWP Renewables, GE Energy Financial Services and ANZ was awarded the “Asia Pacific: Wind Deal of the Year 2013” by Project Finance International in April 2014 for the AUD 361 million Boco Rock Wind Farm project which has financed on a non-recourse basis by five international lenders.

“Boco Rock was a complex undertaking and included greenfield construction risk. Banks also had to get comfortable with lending to Boco Rock before they knew the identity of its purchaser.”

The Boco Rock Wind Farm transaction was unique due to CWP Renewable’s ability to raise debt for a project before raising its equity is a tweak to the standard project finance checklist. Click here for PFI award details

Clean Energy Council: Community Engagement Award 2014

The 113.18 MW Boco Rock Wind Farm was awarded the 2014 Community Engagement Award by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) – Mr Thornton  of the CEC said the hard work by staff at CWP Renewables at the Boco Rock Wind Farm made the company a deserving winner of the Community Engagement Award.

“It’s official – Boco rocks. Building a wind farm is challenging, and it is essential that wind power companies take local communities with them on the journey. If you don’t spend time keeping people informed and dealing with them in good faith, you can’t expect them to support your wind farm… The Clean Energy Council developed best practice community engagement guidelines last year to help lift the bar across the industry and ensure that wind farms were built with the support of local residents.”

The judges found that CWP Renewables had followed industry-leading best practice when engaging with the local community living and working near the Boco Rock Wind Farm. Click here for official CEC Press Release